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Refugee Days

For three days each year the spotlight is placed on the fate of refugees in Switzerland: National Refugee Day on the third Saturday in June, Refugee Sunday (organised by churches) the next day and World Refugee Day on 20 June.

To celebrate National Refugee Day, the Swiss Refugee Council has been running an annual campaign to raise awareness of refugee issues since 1980. From the many activities run by our partner organisations to the events organised by a host of volunteers across Switzerland, these are excellent ways for people to share their experiences and make new friends. Join us!

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Refugee Days 2020

National Refugee Day (20 June 2020), Refugee Sunday (21 June 2020) and World Refugee Day (20 June 2020) focus attention on the issues faced by refugees.

Refugee Day in Basel 2017.
Refugee Day in Basel 2017.

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