Refugee Days

Every year, the Swiss Refugee Council carries out an information and awareness campaign on the occasion of the National Refugee Day. The campaign culminates in events throughout Switzerland surrounding the National Refugee Day. This always takes place on the third Saturday in June.

We use various communication channels to raise awareness of a specific problem or concern of refugees. This is done through billboards, through the production of videos and print material, as well as through a digital campaign. The highlight is the activities of our numerous partner organizations on the National Refugee Day. With the participation of many volunteers, these promote mutual exchange and offer the opportunity to meet. You too can come and join us!

The next National Refugee Day will take place on June 15, Refugee Sunday of the Churches on June 16, and World Refugee Day on June 20, 2024.

Refugee Days 2023

National Refugee Day was held this year on Saturday, June 17 with the theme "Host families open doors. As refugees in the middle of society”.

Around the Refugee Days, events and activities were held throughout Switzerland, including interactive stalls, vigils, concerts, readings and exhibitions.

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