Eduction opportunities: adults and youth

Education opportunities

Our flight, asylum and integration education and awareness raising program is aimed at experts in the field of migration and asylum procedures as well as at members of civil society, teachers, authorities and information sharers, children and young people in schools and church communities.

Our events draw on the professional skills of our education experts, the personal experiences of our employees with a refugee background and the expertise of our Swiss Refugee Council country analysis and legal experts to deliver a unique educational program that is professional, comprehensive, in-depth and original.

The Asylum Symposium

The Asylum Symposium brings together about 350 actors involved in the field of asylum and migration and offers them a platform for open and objective dialogue.

General continuing education

We offer specific continuing education and seminars on the issues of flight and asylum, transcultural skills, migration and trauma, dealing with traumatic situations and asylum seekers’ countries of origin.

You will find our offers on our German and French websites.

Legal continuing education

Drawing on our experience and legal expertise we offer regular courses on Swiss asylum and foreign nationals legislation as well as other legal issues relating to asylum and migration.

You will find our offers on our German and French websites.

Youth education opportunities

Our broad youth education programme covers complex topics such as flight and asylum, integration and solidarity in a realistic way and using a wide range of teaching techniques. We provide an exciting introduction to the topic, raising awareness among teenagers and young adults about the realities of life as a refugee and offering background knowledge. We help to develop a more balanced view that reduces prejudice and encourages the students to interact with refugees.

You will find our offers on our German and French websites.