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Switzerland needs to do more to end child immigration detention

Switzerland scored 67 out of 115 points when it comes to immigration detention of children and still has room to make improvements. This is the conclusion drawn by the Switzerland NextGen Index Committee composed of Terre des hommes – helping children worldwide, Swiss Refugee Council (OSAR) and Swiss Committee for UNICEF.


«People dying at sea is just unacceptable»

Neil Falzon is representing the Captain of the private search and rescue ship lifeline, Claus-Peter Reisch, who is alleged of not having his ship registered in a correct manner before entering Malta’s territorial waters. The Lifeline had to wait several days with 234 persons on board until they were allowed to enter the Maltese port.

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Country Report

The updated AIDA Report on Switzerland documents developments in the asylum procedure, reception conditions and detention throughout 2017. 


No change in deeply dysfunctional Dublin system

A statistical update published by ECRE’s Asylum Information Database (AIDA) releasing figures for 12 European countries from 2016 reveals persisting fundamental dysfunctions in the Dublin system. The main operators of the Dublin Regulation in 2016 were Germany with 55,690 requests and 3,968 transfers, Switzerland with 15,203 requests and 3,750 transfers and Sweden with 12,118 requests and 5,244 transfers.

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