Refugee Days 2016

Refugee Days

Refugee Days remind us of the difficult challenges faced by refugees and of our humanitarian duty to help them. We always celebrate together with the refugees on the third weekend of June in more than 200 cities and municipalities throughout Switzerland.

A success story for over 30 years: The Swiss Refugee Council initiated a national refugee day back in 1980. The Refugee Days have since become the most important awareness-raising campaign on the rights and needs of refugees in Switzerland.

Refugee Days are days of coming together and showing commitment to the human right to asylum. The line-up of activities that attracts thousands of people from all regions of Switzerland is diverse: meeting days, podium discussions, religious services, coffee shops, picnics, film nights, readings, market stands and open-air concerts.

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Global Commemoration Day

World Refugee Days came into existence in 2001 when the UN declared 20 June to be the global commemoration day for refugees. Today, over 70 countries organise cultural gatherings and festive activities to draw attention to the special situation und plight of the more than 40 million refugees worldwide. More information about the World Refugee Day.