Photo: Bernd Konrad/Swiss Refugee Council

When does the Swiss Refugee Council provide help?

The Swiss Refugee Council manages various funds and can use the money in those funds in earmarked ways. We want to use the money from these funds to give quick, non-bureaucratic help to refugees (asylum seekers, recognised refugees and temporarily admitted persons) who are in difficult situations.

Possible support is given voluntarily – there is no legal claim to it.

We can provide financial support in the cases outlined below.

  • Contributions to education and training:
    We can give refugees contributions to help cover school costs, tuition/examination fees school supplies (including computer), translation costs, language course, etc.
  • Emergency situations and special cases:
    We can provide fast, non-bureaucratic emergency aid in special emergency situations, e.g. for travel costs, costs of accommodation, emergency medical and psychiatric measures.
  • Project contributions:
    We can support projects involving training, integration, recreation and culture.

How can you request money from us?

The only way you can receive contributions to education and training and contributions in emergency situations or in special cases is by filing an application through the competent social service or the charitable organisation responsible for assisting you.

Possible applicants are natural persons. Applications for project contributions can be submitted directly by natural or legal persons.

Filing of applications

You can submit applications at any time for contributions to education and training, for contributions in emergency situations or in special cases as well as applications for project contributions. We process and decide on these applications four times a year:

  • Mid-March,
  • Mid-June,
  • Mid-September, and
  • Mid-December.

We process urgent applications outside the above dates in the case of justified exceptions, e.g., involving emergency situations.

The information sheet and the application form contain information on the procedure, on the data that must be included and on the documents you must submit to us.

Application form to fill out and print out (in French)

How does the Swiss Refugee Council make its decisions?

After examining the applications formally to ensure they are complete, we examine them substantively. We send back incomplete applications. They must be resubmitted. We clarify further matters where necessary. Persons who have submitted an application to us receive from us an affirmation or a rejection and the reasons for the decision.

A party can apply for funding from the Swiss Refugee Council only if all other sources of financing are out of the question or if you can present adverse decisions on other requests. The organisation assisting you also has to approach other funding sources. Please note the corresponding fund lists in the cantons and at charitable organisations.


The Swiss Refugee Council has limited financial resources in its funds. The more compelling the reasons given for an application are, the bigger the chance is of us being able to approve it. It may be that we have to reject justified applications due to a lack of financial resources.