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The education unit of the Swiss Refugee Council (SRC) offers a number of continuing training and experiential learning events for a variety of target groups. We are active in adult education, in schools and in church youth groups. We are effective in raising public awareness and disseminating information on refugees.

Are you looking for an idea for your next team event? A programme for upcoming continuing training for teachers? A special project day for your class at school or confirmation group? We tailor our events especially to your needs. They can range from short talks to multi-day workshops. Contact us. We are happy to advise you.

Here are all the educational offerings of the Swiss Refugee Council for teachers, legal experts and individuals involved in social work and youth work or from the public safety and security sector as well as public administrators, members of church communities and experts in asylum, migration and integration work.

Our educational offerings

This content is available in French and German only.

Please visit our French or German website for more information on our extensive range of continuing education events and project days. Please note that the offerings are not the same for the French and the German part of Switzerland.