Refugees waiting day and night in snowy winter conditions

Winter conditions in late December have made it extremely difficult for refugees crossing the Western Balkans. Refugees arrived on foot, in the snow and the cold, to Tabanovce in the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), after having waited for hours, sometimes for a day and a night in difficult conditions, ECRE reports in the latest Western Balkan news brief, from 12 to 31 December.

According to IOM, 23,452 refugees arrived in FYROM between 9-16 December, followed by another 37,603 during 17-29 December, bringing the total number of those who have entered the country to 382,814 as of 29 December. According to UNHCR data, 20,774 refugees and migrants crossed the border from Greece to FYROM between 11-17 December, with a daily average of 2,968. According to Ministry of Interior data, 348,017 applications were filed between 19 June-17 December 2015.

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