Legal Briefing on Age Assessment

ECRE’s Asylum Information Database (AIDA) has published its fifth legal briefing on age assessment. Examining the core principles governing the treatment of children in the asylum process, namely the «best interests of the child» and the «benefit of the doubt», which together underpin all actions affecting children and requires public authorities to treat asylum seekers as children when in doubt as to their minority or majority. Source: Asylum Information Database (AIDA)

According to the latest quarterly statistics released by EUROSTAT, Afghan nationals make up the second largest group seeking asylum in Europe, with 56,700 first time applications, which includes a large number of unaccompanied and separated children. Although there is a high EU-wide rate of Afghans being granted international protection of 70 %, a number of EU countries have become increasingly restrictive in their policies towards Afghan asylum seekers, evidenced by a growing determination to deport them, despite ongoing security concerns and violence in the country.  

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