Regular Donation

Direct debit procedures: Making regular donations has never been easier!

Lastschriftenverfahren (LSV) or Direct Debit (DD) reduce administrative expense involved. That means more of your donation arrives where it is needed.

Would you like to donate using the LSV or DD procedure? Send us the form filled out and signed (in French).

Do you have questions? Our donation team is happy to give you further assistance: Tel. +41 (0)31 370 75 75; E-mail:

Would you like to help to reduce the administrative expenses for donations?

Not every donor wants to receive regular information from the Swiss Refugee Council. Many of them would like to minimise postage costs and the amount of paper used for donations. Two direct debit procedures in Switzerland meet these oft-expressed wishes of donors (Lastschriftverfahren (LSV) available at Swiss banks and Direct Debit (DD) available at PostFinance).

Your advantages at a glance

  • Easy: We do not send you any more requests for donations and payment slips. You receive a donation confirmation once a year and, if desired, our annual report.
  • Inexpensive: No fee payments to your bank or to PostFinance, no printing and postage costs.
  • Manageable: You donate on a regular basis at the time you stipulate.
  • Secure: Donations can be cancelled within 30 days; the order can be cancelled at any time.