Condolence Donation

Give the gift of hope – in memory of a loved one.

When mourning, give the gift of hope. When a loved one dies, families in mourning often dispense with flowers and ask mourners instead to make a donation to organisations that help people in need.

By making a donation to the Swiss Refugee Council, you help people seeking protection from war and persecution in our country. Donations in memory of a loved one come from the heart.

We treat your condolence donations with special care. Every donor is personally thanked for his or her donation. The family in mourning regularly receives a list of donors.

To eliminate the need for follow-up inquiries, please let us know the name of the deceased person and the address of the family in mourning. We are happy to send you appropriate payment slips on request.

Please add the request below or a similarly worded one to the death notice or the obituary: «In lieu of flowers, please give a donation to the Swiss Refugee Council, Postkonto 30-1085-7, IBAN: CH92 0900 0000 3000 1085 7.»

Do you have questions? Please call us or send us a fax or e-mail. Ruth Werren is happy to advise you: Tel. +41 (0)31 370 75 75, Fax +41 (0)31 370 75 00,

Thank you so much for supporting our work on behalf of refugees in Switzerland.

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