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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The significant support and concern for asylum seekers we see on a daily basis strengthens us and gives us the assurance that people seeking protection are welcome in Switzerland. You, too, have generously supported the work of the Swiss Refugee Council. We sincerely thank you for this support.

There have never been so many people fleeing to Europe as this year. Although Switzerland is not in the centre of events, the population feels solidarity with the people fleeing from their tragic circumstances. The help for asylum seekers from private individuals is growing in Switzerland and abroad

We are the umbrella organisation of recognised Swiss refugee aid organisations and, since 1936, have championed the human right to asylum and the protection of persons forced to flee from persecution, violence and war. Our commitment to fair and humane asylum policy and our awareness-raising efforts are more important than ever given the current conflicts, humanitarian crises and prevailing political attitudes toward the subject of refugees in Switzerland.

Refugees are viewed by the political sphere and the broad public as a burden and a problem, so most people forget what great potential and resources they bring with them alongside their often tragic fates.

We are committed to working for the people who come to us seeking protection so that they can begin a new life with dignity and find a place in our society. Help us in these efforts.

With your donation, you support a Switzerland that attaches the utmost importance to solidarity, respect and tolerance.

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