Sans Papier

Without papers but not without rights. Between 90,000 and 250,000 migrants live and work in Switzerland without proper residence status as “sans-papiers” (undocumented migrants).

If you are living and working in Switzerland without a residence permit, we advise you to contact the Sans-Papiers Counselling Offices in Switzerland. You will find all the important information there. Even without a residence permit in Switzerland, you still have fundamental rights. 

The Swiss Refugee Council (SRC) specialises in refugees in asylum procedures. That is why we refer people without residence status in Switzerland to specialised and competent organisations. 

There are sans-papiers counselling offices in:

These pages give you key information and contact details on experts to whom you can describe your situation and who can give you further assistance. 

“You have rights – even if you’re undocumented”, published by the union UNIA and the Sans-Papiers (in French).