Photo: UNHCR

Asylum Law

Over 70 million people worldwide are fleeing from persecution, oppression and threat to life and limb. Only a small portion of them reach Europe and Switzerland.

The majority of displaced persons flee to another part of their own country or to a neighbouring country. That is why there is a need for protecting and supporting displaced persons in crisis regions as well as for giving those who end up fleeing to Switzerland access to a fair asylum procedure.

All aspects of asylum law

In the “Asylum Law” section, you will find information about the Swiss asylum procedure and the relevant legal basis in Switzerland and the EU, as well as explanations about residency status and requirements for attaining residency status for individuals who have requested asylum in Switzerland.

Best possible protection for refugees

The Swiss Refugee Council (SRC) wants to provide the best possible protection in Switzerland to displaced persons. We are the umbrella association of the six Swiss relief organisations below:

•    Amnesty International, Swiss Section
•    CARITAS Switzerland
•    Salvation Army Foundation Switzerland
•    Swiss Interchurch Aid (HEKS-EPER)
•    Swiss Labour Assistance (SAH-OSEO)
•    VSJF (social arm of Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities SIG-FSCI) 

As such, we are present during all decisive stages of the asylum procedure. We become involved in legislative processes and take public stances on topics and debates relating to asylum policy. In connection with these efforts, we collect, observe and comment on significant changes in asylum law and asylum practice in Switzerland and in the European context. Our country analysis unit researches the current situation in key countries of origin, writes situation reports and provides information in individual cases.

We share our knowledge

At continuing education seminars and other events we share our knowledge with interested individuals, especially experts from legal aid offices, government authorities and courts as well as lawyers. In addition, we coordinate social aid representation and train social aid representatives who act as independent observers of the hearings in the asylum procedure. The Swiss Refugee Council likewise coordinates counselling and legal representation in the new test procedure currently being tried out in Zurich in anticipation of the planned restructuring of the asylum system.