Management Office

Our offices in Bern (General Secretariat), Lausanne (Education office), Zurich (Test Centre on the new asylum procedure) and in Canton Ticino (legal advice) have a staff of approximately 45 people working in four different departments:

  • Protection (legal services, asylum procedures and country analysis)
  • Education
  • Communication
  • Finance, Personnel and Administration

Director SRC

Miriam Behrens

Executive Board

Christoph Hess
Deputy director
Head of Finance, Personnel and Administration

Barbara Rödlach
Head of Education

Beat von Wattenwyl
Head of Protection

Michael Flückiger
Head of Communication

Staff Position

Peter Meier
Head of Public Affairs


Beat von Wattenwyl (Head of Protection)
Zorica Arezina (SPoC VZ Zürich)
Mirja Bänninger (Responsible Adult Education)
Guillaume Bégert (Legal Expert)
Fabienne Bratoljic (Legal Expert)
Iris Bischoff (Responsible Social Aid Education and Legal Education)
Cinzia Chirayil (Legal Expert)
Lucia Della Torre (Legal Expert)
Alexandra Donzé (Quality Management)
Christine Fahrni (Data Administration SAR)
Sarah Frehner (Legal Expert)
Esther Friedli (Scientific Assistant)
Stefan Frost (SPoC VZ Zürich)
Romain Gautier (Data Administration Social Aid Representation (SAR))
Nina Gutweniger (Responsible Procedure and Coordination)
Anne-Kathrin Glatz (Country Expert)
Tobias Heiniger (Division Manager New Asylum Procedure)
Frederik Kok (Country Expert)
Alexandra Geiser (Country Expert)
Michael Pfeiffer (Legal Expert)
Marc Prica (Responsible for Social Aid Representation)
Jasmeen Richli (SPoC VZ Zürich)
Adriana Romer (Legal Expert)Adrian Schuster (Country Expert)
Christina von Gunten (Lawyer)
Margarite Zoeteweij (Legal Expert)
Vera Zürcher (Administration SAR)


Michael Flückiger (Head of Communication)
Tendai Fleck (Responsible Online Media)
Barbara Graf Mousa (Editor Print & Online)
Remo Gubler (Division Manager Fundraising)
Bernd Konrad (Graphic Designer)
Lorenz Lüthi (Responsible Refugee Days Project)
Karin Mathys (Editor Print & Online)
Cornelia Riesen (Fundraiser for charitable trusts and foundations)
Ralph Schoen (Fundraiser for individual giving)


Barbara Rödlach (Head of Education)
Feven Afeworki (Collaborator Host Family Project)Gérard Bottazzoli (Adult Education)
Katy François (Coordinator Education Projects, Lausanne)
Andrés Guarin (Coordinator Education Projects, Lausanne)
Nadine Kavanagh (Verantwortliche Jugendarbeit)
Marijana Lesic (Course Administration)
Manon Mariller (Course Administration)
Gasim Nasirov (Coordinator Education Projects)
Carola Schabert (Collaborator ad interim Host Family Project)
Julia Vielle (Responsible Host Family Project)

Finance, Personnel and Administration

Christoph Hess (Deputy director / Head of Finance, Personnel and Administration)
Bilal Akinci (Employee Printing & Mailing)
Abirami Karunanithy (Director Assistent, Central Secretariat)
Marianne Künzle (Funds and Records Management)
Franziska Feller (Central Secretariat)
Marcel Peyer (Personal Assistent)
Ruth Werren (Bookkeeper)
Tomasz Kossewski (Controller)